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Wuxi Yi Rui Machinery Co., Ltd. is a research, production and marketing as one of the new modern enterprises, conveniently located in the Taihu Lake; enjoy the "peach village" reputation of Wuxi City, Yang Town.
The company specializes in the production of the piston rod, honing cylinder (honing tube), precision slender shaft, precision cold drawing process, grinding and precision polishing of advanced manufacturing technology, the technical indicators have reached the national standard, it can be used directly cylinder, the cylinder piston rod, guide rod, guide posts, guide shaft, and is widely used in textile machinery, mining machinery, machine tools and automotive industries. At the same time, the factory also manufactures power systems and gas industry-related machinery and electronic instrumentation products.
Main products:
Ⅰ.The inner diameter of Φ32-Φ700 mm, wall thickness of 2-50mm length 13000mm less cold drawn, honing and machining cylinder simple, cylinder, the product is suitable for hydraulic cylinders, cylinder, petrochemical pump, coal mine support, engineering machinery, overweight transport machinery, automotive transmission, plastics machinery and other industries;
II. An outer diameter less than 9000mm length Φ6-Φ200mm precision slender shaft, piston rod. The product is suitable for dry hydraulic cylinders, cylinder, shock absorbers, textile printing and dyeing, printing guide rod, die-casting machines, injection molding machine mast guide rod, guide pillar hydraulic machine and office equipment industries:
Companies adhere to high quality products; improve service to win the market. Unswervingly implementing the "talent as a fundamental to quality assurance, technology-based, brand as the goal" of the enterprise work policy; implementation of modern management, to provide customers with satisfaction assured of quality products, to better credit and more improve services to meet the higher requirements of users. Welcome to the factory, the communication business negotiations!
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